How it works

Academy4wealth is an initiative of Noche Computers that was established in Nov 2005 by visioneer and CEO to encourage active penetration of information and technological literacy amongst African citizens. we believe that this academy will help all members to achieve their dreams through the portal trainings, teachings and practical that will be streamed from members and management of the academy.

Just as Acedmics will never end Academy4wealth will continue till you graduate to the tops. let us get rich as we go to school together. Members registers with 4,000 ($12) and enjoys the following for the rest of the their membership which should be for life. the benefits are as follows :-

  1. All members are to join a close user group according to the country's members decision. this is targeted towards reduction of cost of communication amongst members to the lowest minimum as the community will have the need to also learn via voice and data usage
  2. All members are entitled to free online/offline computer proficiency training.
  3. All members are entitled to join our free monthly online/offline business and skill summits where we feature recognized professionals to demonstrate training to the members
  4. All members have the privilege of advertising their products and services to our members and non-members world-wide.
  5. All members will enjoy free Multilevel Marketing fundamentals and training. we believe we will change the mindsets of people about the magnificence of MLM via this academy.
  6. Wealth Accumulation.

Every member must earn stage bonus starting from stage 1 to stage 10.
Below are the state bonuses.

  • Stage 1 = ₦2,300
  • Stage 2 = ₦10,000
  • Stage 3 = ₦40,000
  • Stage 4 = ₦100,000
  • Stage 5 = ₦300,000+ phone
  • Stage 6 = ₦1m+trip
  • Stage 7 = ₦4m+car worth 2m, free monthly subscription for calls
  • Stage 8 = ₦6m+jeep worth 4m, free monthly subscription for calls
  • Stage 9 = ₦10m+ bungalow worth 15m, free subscription for call.
  • Stage 10 = ₦30m+ Duplex worth 40m+ A range rover worth 30m.
As a member of this community, you must earn a total cash of ₦142,754,300.

All you need to become a member is ₦4,000.

Also....multiple membership account is allowed. For more earnings.

Min and Max Earning

  • Nursery | 2.3k - 8.3k
  • Primary | 10k - 25.2k
  • Secondary | 40k - 96k
  • OND | 100k - 384k
  • HND | 300k - 1.56M
  • Barchelors | 1.25M - 6.144
  • Masters | 6M - 24M
  • MPHIL | 10M - 98M
  • PHD. | 25M - 393M
  • Professor | 100M - 1.5B
Join Academy4wealth now with 4k for a good position. Everyone is a teacher, everyone is a student. Learn:Teach:Recommend:Proper
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